Updates, Link Roundup on the WNEP Judy Mays Outing Story

The support page on Facebook now has more than 5,000 members. ABC News online even posted a video about the story, though 90 percent of it is just a reposting of Dena Vernon’s slanderfest. More than twenty local people showed up at the school to support Judy Mays (reported by our fave reporter EVAR Dena Vernon!!!!1!11 …yeah, no). Judy’s inbox is so full she can’t even respond fast enough to keep the unread messages of support below 200. The story continues to make its rounds around the blogs and news sphere, too.

Don’t mess with romance writers, y’all.

Link Roundup

Previous Links
(Original news story)
WNEP-TV, Snyder County, PA: Parents: English Teacher Writes Racy Romance Novels
Dear Author: Wednesday Midday Links: Local News Reporters Jeopardize Author’s Career As Schoolteacher
Smart Bitches, Trashy Books: Judy Mays: We Got Your Back, Ma’am
Jess Haines: WNEP’s WTFery Article About Judy Mays — Teacher vs. Romance Author
Support Judy Mays Facebook Page
(My previous post) S. V. Rowle: Local News Outs Erotic Romance Writer As English Teacher; Predictable Response Ensues
Nancy Holzner: Support Judy Mays
Jenny’s Lair: WNEP: Another Kind of @$$hat
WNEP Facebook Page
The Naked Truth: It Really Must Have Been a Slow News Decade
Diana Castilleja: An Appalling Attack on a Writer

News Links

Westport News (via the AP): Pa. Teacher’s Side Job As Racy Author Draws Debate
The Examiner (of Madison, WI): Are Authors What They Write? The Controversy Over Judy Mays
The Daily Item: Teacher’s Novels Upset Parents
The Huffington Post: Teacher ****** ********’s Second Job As Romance Novelist Upsets Parents

New Blog Links
Vicki Essex: So You Want to Be a Writer: This Is Not a Writing Lesson
Stephanie Julian: Don’t Piss Off the Romance Community – We Bite Back.
Plot Mamas: Pen Names and Small Towns
Nancy Holzner: Judy Mays Followup
GayPornNinja (I love that name!): Pennsylvania Stop Embarrassing Me F*ck
The Stay-at-Home Feminist Mom: Wendy Apple and Deanna Stepp Are A$$hats
Redneck Romance Writer: Thirteen Reasons to Support Judy Mays
Michelle Lee: Dear WNEP “News” Team
Saundra Mitchell: Small Town Reporter Attacks Author, News at 11
Myranda Sarro: Follow Up: Support Judy Mays
Leah Braemel: Storms on Two Fronts
Saltekoff’s Writings: English Teacher Writes Racy Novels: My Reaction
Genre Reviews: Exposing Someone’s Private Life Is News, Right?
Nighthawk Press: A Pissed Off Parent, a High School Teacher, and an Erotic Novel walk into a Public School
The Lyon’s Den: Where Does Freedom End?
How You Can Help Out: Support Judy Mays

2011.04.29 16:24 EDT:

The Naked Truth: No, I’m Not Blogging About the Royal Wedding (thanks, Amanda! Great posts.)
[VIDEO] A Former Student of Judy’s Responds: English Teacher Harassed for Being Erotica Author
Vivi Andrews: New Levels of Asshattery
Diana Peterfreund: Romance Writer Witchhunt (Thanks for the links, Leah. :D)
Saltekoff’s Writings: Support Your ‘Local’ Romance Novelist

2011.05.01 14:36 EDT:

[VIDEO] BandGeek8408: Sex, and Education
Sexis: Parents Outraged, Students Supportive of Erotica-Writing Teacher
[VIDEO] DaisyTheHarris: Gasp, Who Reads These Racy Stories? (In Support of Judy Mays)
The Stir: Should Parents Be Concerned That Teacher Writes Erotica?

2011.05.01 23:21 EDT:

Between My Sheets: The Dumbest Thing I Heard in a Long Time
WendigoMountain: It’s Disgraceful! What a f*cking Travesty!!! WRITING!!!!
BogWitch64: What Do We Think of This?

2011.05.02 02:15 EDT:

Flirty Author B*tches: Staying Firmly in the Closet
Book Addicts: We Support Judy Mays
Camryn Rhys (also an EC erotic romance author): Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain This is a particularly sage post with a realistic view on privacy and moral judgments.
Krystal Lee: Writers Unite! Stand Up for Judy Mays
Arabella Stokes @ The Writer’s Vineyard: Free Speech and Judy Mays – A Lawyer’s Perspective
Kelly Bishop: Idiot Parents Shocked By Teacher Who Can Write
ci5: What a Week

2011.05.05 01:50 EDT:

Seven Deadly Divas: Here’s to You, Judy Mays
Aleksandr Voinov: In Defense of Pseudonyms and a Layer of Protection
Nina Pierce: Don’t Mess With a Romance Writer

I’ll add more links as I find them. Please feel free to post a comment here with other links you find or links to your own blog posts!

More Places to Write in Support of Judy
(Letters to the Editor)
wknapp@mwsd.cc (School Superintendent)

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  2. Oh and one of Judy’s former students did a fantastic video response here: http://youtu.be/T8gqyq-NRSE